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Lightning-Fast Service!

File Savers Data Recovery


We give cash or credit for your old computer equipment, including monitors and parts.

Computers are hazardous waste. We charge $10 per computer, monitor, or printer. We erase your hard drive or give it back to you.

NEW COMPUTERS. We build custom, quality computers with local service and support.

USED COMPUTERS. Save money on professionally refurbished computers with warranties!

UPGRADES. Need to speed up your existing computer? We can help with more memory, blazing-fast solid-state drives (SSD), a better video card, newer operating system, and more. 

ACCESSORIES. We offer monitors, mice, printers, surge protectors, backup drives, and more. 

Strike Twice provides used and new laptop and desktop computers. 

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​​​We only work on Windows laptops, tablets & desktops. 

​​​Mention discount code CN89374!


8700 West 36th Street
Saint Louis Park MN 55426

Monday – Friday 10am to 6pm
Microsoft ends support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020
Upgrade now to avoid the rush and be safe!